Nightingale believes that all qualified students should be able to attend, 不管财务状况如何.

Nightingale provides need-based financial aid to meet the difference between what a family can afford and the cost of tuition. We make every effort to evaluate and understand the distinctiveness of each family’s situation and give deliberate, individual consideration based on information provided by the family, 以及学校及学生服务(SSS).

Decisions regarding financial aid are made by the Financial Aid Committee on the basis of demonstrated need and the availability of funds. 我们不可能向每个申请的家庭提供经济援助. The Financial Aid Committee keeps all financial information confidential and grants awards regardless of race, color, 宗教, 国家或民族出身, 或残疾. Families receiving financial aid are obligated to keep their aid package details confidential.

学费补助为期一年. 续订不是自动或保证的. 家庭必须每年提交申请表格, as available funds vary from year to year and each family’s financial circumstances may also change. Families who do not apply for aid when first admitted are ineligible to apply for two years.

2023-2024学年, Nightingale awarded over $6 million in aid to 18% of the student body, 平均奖金为51美元,每名学生000. Families who qualify for tuition aid are also given proportionate financial assistance for non-tuition-related items. This is covered in more detail in Tuition and Related Expenses, below.



Nightingale uses School and Student Services (SSS) by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) to help determine need. 作为其中的一部分, 家庭填写父母财务报表(PFS), 问收入的信息, 费用, 资产, 和负债. 然后SSS估算家庭贡献. 财政援助委员会使用这一估计, 结合完整的税务文件, 确定需求.

要开始申请经济援助,请访问 在这里.


每年,对援助的需求都超过了可用资金. T在这里fore, it is imperative that all families, both new and returning, meet financial aid deadlines. The Financial Aid Committee will only make decisions for families whose files are complete and whose accounts are current.


许多因素会影响助学金的决定, 比如家庭收入和支出, 资产及负债, and the number of children attending tuition-charging schools and colleges. 因为每个家庭的经济状况不同, 需求的计算将根据每种情况而不同. 考虑到影响裁决的变量很多, it is impossible to accurately predict a family’s financial aid award based solely on family income.


The custodial and non-custodial parents must complete a separate PFS per household, in addition to providing copies of all separate tax schedules directly to SSS. 考虑到父母双方的经济状况, 除了继父母和法定监护人. If one parent has had no involvement with the student for an extended period of time, 监护父母应填写 第二份家长弃权表格.


Prospective families 申请经济资助 must submit the following to SSS no later than December 1, 2023.

  • 2023年12月1日前提交家长财务报表
  • 2022年签署的纳税申报表复印件, W-2和/或1099表格, K-1表格(如适用)截止日期为12月1日, 2023
  • 2023年W-2和/或1099表格的副本,2024年3月1日

If you are a shareholder in an S Corporation or a partner in a partnership, 不迟于3月1日,我们还需要您的附表K-1的复印件, 2024.

For more information about Nightingale’s financial aid policies and procedures, please contact 招生和财政援助高级副主任 Liz Cavanaugh at 212-933-6518 or ecavanaugh@lafouineuse.net.


  • 学费费用



    • 午餐和零食
    • 教科书
    • 一夜之间旅行, including: Class IV to Greenkill; Class VII to Washington, DC; Class VIII to Alabama; Class IX to London; Class X to Frost Valley; Class XII Fall and Spring Retreats
    • 3 - 12年级学生ipad
    • 学生软件和技术费用
    • 学生刊物,如年鉴和报纸
    • 一日游(博物馆、剧院、歌剧等).)
    • 学生意外保险
    • 运动服和常规赛旅行
    • 辩论项目费用
    • 家长协会主办的活动
  • 额外的支出

    A family receiving tuition aid will receive proportionate assistance for the 以下非学费费用:

    • 霍比马(K-IV课外活动)
    • 阳光明媚(K-IV暑期升学课程)
    • 暑期学院(上升V-VIII暑期课程)
    • 国际旅行不包括在学费中
    • 筹款活动(门票优惠)
    • 面向高年级学生的年鉴广告
    • 书展采购
    • ACT/SAT预科和大学申请费
    • 私人上午和下午巴士接送往返布鲁克林, 克斯/上曼哈顿, 皇后区, 和曼哈顿下城

费用,支付, & 政策

  • 应用程序的费用


    在递交申请时缴交$80. 家庭可免交此费用 申请经济资助.


    School and Student Services by NAIS charges a processing fee of $60 for applications. Application fee waivers are granted directly through SSS to qualifying families.


    A 10% non-refundable enrollment deposit is due with the signed enrollment contract.


  • 学费支付计划

    For the 2024-2025 school year, Nightingale offers the following payment plans:

    • 1次付款- 2024年6月到期的全额学费余额(减去押金)
    • 2 payments - 65% of tuition due June 2024 and balance (less deposit) due December 2024
    • 4次付款- 2024年6月到期的4次等额付款(存款后), 2024年8月, 2024年10月, 2024年12月(每户56美元行政费)
    • 9 payments - nine equal payments (after deposit) due May 2024 through June 2025 ($56 administrative fee per family)

  • 付款政策

    The following policies direct the actions of the school and those of faculty and staff:

    • The Financial Aid Committee will not consider an application for financial aid until all accounts are current.
    • 学校可以扣留学生的成绩报告, 成绩单, 文凭, 或者推荐信,如果学费没有支付的话.
    • 学校保留不允许学生注册的权利, 上课, 和/或参加考试,如果学生帐户欠款.
  • 学费退还计划

    As with any insurance plan, the 学费退还计划 (TRP) is protection against the unexpected. Although the signed enrollment contract obligates the parent/guardian to pay tuition for the entire school year, a serious illness or family move out of town may necessitate the student’s extended absence or withdrawal from the school. 在这种情况下, the TRP allows a family to recoup some of the costs they would otherwise be obligated to pay. The amount of reimbursement available is determined by the timing and nature of the student’s absence or withdrawal from the school. Information about this program is included annually with the first tuition 状态ment.

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